Experts in Medical Gas Systems for over 25 years
Medical Equipment for Operating Rooms
Designed Headwalls
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Leaders in our Field

The company is commited to lead in Israel and worldwide the technological innovation in the medical environment

Products & Systems​​

One stop Shop – our clients receive a variety of technologies and systems that include engineering, planning, precise and high-quality execution, operation, service and maintenance.


We are a very experienced company that enviously guards the quality of its products, the quality of our work and the service given to our clients.

Medical Gas Systems

Bio Combe specializes in the design and construction of medical gas systems, including the implementation of recovery and supply of medical gases equipment such as oxygen generators, warning panels and more. It also conducts audits of medical gas systems.

Medical Equipment for Operating Rooms

Supply of quality medical equipment to medical institutions; hospitals, clinics, etc.; Equipment for laboratories, operating rooms, clean rooms. Bio Comba supplies (installs and maintains) medical equipment including booms, medical secretaries, sockets, faucets, manifolds, supply regulators, gas control panels, oxygen generators, alert panels and more.

Modular Design of Medical Environment (Headwalls)

The designed Headwall is a system that centers all the supplies for a patient bed, whether in regular hospital rooms, recovery rooms, special care rooms or in any other space. The headwall is a modular system designed to contain all the required electricity, communication and gas points. The product can be designed in a variety of colors, sizes and adapted to the design of the space in which it will be installed.


Bio Combe designs and builds clean rooms, such as operating rooms and laboratories, and cares for the equipment, furniture and rooms

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